Ik ga niet meer naar volleybal

(Well I meant to post this on 25th October so…why not 2 months later? It’s just as relevant)

There, I said it. Volleyball is no more. I know some of you had high hopes for my international sporting career but it’s all over; I apologise. But please, let me explain.

While I have definitely been enjoying having a go at a sport I haven’t played since Year 9 P.E., I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the whole ‘everyone-is-speaking-Dutch-and-using-Dutch-sports-terminology-and-I-don’t-remember-learning-the-words-for-spike,-net,-or-incoming-ball-in-Dutch-class’ thing. At first it wasn’t too diffcult to understand because everything we were learning was pretty simple. Unfortunately, like Amanda Bynes, we’re now onto the harder stuff, and I spend most of the lessons looking confused. It’s got to the point now where I feel like I am anoying absolutely everybody when I have to ask them to translate, or when I do something wrong, so I think it’s best just to respectfully bow out. I’ll stick to Zumba instead.